In 1998 Dr. Eric Westman from Duke met with Dr. Atkins to learn how to follow the Atkins Lifestyle correctly. He was intrigued because patients of his were doing well and he was surprised by the results. He was a skeptic and believed the usual criticisms of the Atkins diet were true. Because he is an open-minded scientist he decided to study the plan himself. So began the accumulation of research that continues to emerge on Atkins-type diets.

 Since clinical experience is considered anecdotal rather than evidence, Dr. Atkins was roundly criticized over the years for not doing research. First, he was a practicing physician and not a researcher. Second, he did not believe that any journal would publish his findings because they did not support the conventional philosophy.

 Thanks to the courage of Dr. Westman who was willing to have an open mind and persevere, many studies, some funded by the Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Foundation and many more funded by others, are now presented at medical meetings or published in prestigious medical journals. 

The evidence continues to accumulate supporting this way of eating as safe and effective. It is now time for open-minded clinicians to accept the low carb way of life as an option for their patients. It is especially important that people have choices if we are to address the serious health concerns caused by obesity.

 Because reports of many of these studies never make it into the lay press, updates will be added here as more research emerges for the use of consumers and practitioners who are interested in the facts.  

 Visit Nutrition & Metabolism -- an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal focused on the integration of nutrition, exercise physiology, clinical investigations, and molecular and cellular biochemistry of metabolism. Cheap price for viagra.


Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism

Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disorders 

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

New England Journal of Medicine

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Journal of Nutrition 

Other References


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