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Are You On The Road To Diabetes?

April 2014 More good news about magnesium. A recent study added to the literature supporting the association between higher magnesium levels and prevention of type 2 diabetes. This is important because only about 50% of the US population meet the recommended guidelines for magnesium intake. Men should get 400 to 420 mg daily; women should get 300 to 310 mg daily.

Good low carb sources of magnesium are green leafy vegetables with spinach at the top of the list and nuts especially almonds and avocado.




We Can Do Something to Lower Healthcare Costs

I was just reading an article about increased healthcare costs and decreased productivity because of obesity. Healthcare costs are 42% higher for obese workers. They are also at increased risk for job related injuries and have an increased rate of absenteeism. The statistics we usually hear are the numbers of those of us who are overweight or obese but think of it another way- that only about 32 percent of Americans are at a healthy weight!

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