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Are You On The Road To Diabetes?


September 2014 Inflammatory breast cancer is a deadly but rare form of cancer. Not much is known about the etiology of this type of cancer or if there is a genetic component.

Recent research seems to point to obesity as a risk factor just as it is for a number of other cancers including the more common types of breast cancer.

Carbohydrate restriction is an excellent weight management option because cancer cells utilize glucose for growth. Cutting carbs will keep more normal levels of glucose in the blood as well as normalizing insulin levels. High glucose and insulin in the blood can feed cancer cells.

We Can Do Something to Lower Healthcare Costs

I was just reading an article about increased healthcare costs and decreased productivity because of obesity. Healthcare costs are 42% higher for obese workers. They are also at increased risk for job related injuries and have an increased rate of absenteeism. The statistics we usually hear are the numbers of those of us who are overweight or obese but think of it another way- that only about 32 percent of Americans are at a healthy weight!

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